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Re: Oh no it isn`t.......

Well Charlie, you`ve got me stumped now, because I don`t have a problem with anything you`ve said :0)

You`re perfectly entitled to your opinions on BT or DBT validity, which although I`d disagree with are reasonable.
On transports, my own experiences would contradict your views but I`m in no way positive my own experiences aren`t subjective, because I`ve never tried to diferentiate between Transports with DBT (which I DO put a high value on IF correctly carried out)

I wasn`t having a go at your `I believe` comment regarding dynamic range by the way, and knew why you correctly added this to your statement; like I indicated, just when dynamic range has been concisely, expertly explained, another definition will forthcoming and presented as fact.
Similarly, in Hi-Fi News (January 1999) we had John Crabbe explaining why cable directionality is a laughable concept - filled a page with how signals are alternating anyway....the usual stuff, very convincing he was too.
In April`s Hi-Fi News, we then had Ben Duncan writing a full page explaining why John Crabbe and all other HLO`s were failing to take into account certain aspects which WOULD cause directionality.

What I believe is that when theorists or HLO`s can argue two opposing theories, even refering to known facts and previously verified tests, DBT`s are the ONLY way of assessing audible differences.
I`m in danger of repeating myself again but this is my last posting on this Forum so what the heck; just because we can`t come up with a reasonable hypothesis why something makes an audible difference doesn`t mean or even (to me) suggest that there is none.
On this issue we`re probably never to find any consensus, so just as with Mr Eddy, I`ll wish you a Happy New Year and hope you don`t get blind drunk - or even double blind drunk?

Best Regards,
Chris Redmond.

PS. For anyone who cares, HLO=Hard Line Objectivist.

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