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Re: Cryo treating CD's epiphany

Very Sneaky there Audio Eng, you managed to recommend a DBT in a DBT free zone without really calling it a DBT. Kind of like the way Born Agains are always trying to sneak religion into schools.

I see other Audio Review types have reared their heads as well, oh well you are free to spout your double blind nonsense.

The reality is that cryo makes a difference and it does not take a blindfold to hear that difference and that I think is what bothers your type the most. In your world of numbers everything is explained and quantified, but when it comes to listening to music reproduction the numbers don't add up.

You can not slap the digits on art and our perception/experience of
art and so you and your lot use denial of that experience based on statistical relevance blah blah blah to shore up your argument.

Try using your ears and brain to examine your musical experience and you might just find more enjoyment in same.



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