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Re: Oh no it isn`t.......

Oh no Steve!
I handed you this big stick to whack me with and get out of answering those two simple questions, but I never thought you`d be so quick to take it - I`m genuinely disappointed in you!

I didn't answer those two "simple" questions because they were poorly phrased and giving you the "simple" answer you demanded would have easily led to erroneous conclusions.

For example, let's say you'd asked the following "simple" question:

Do you believe in the existence of God?

Now, either I beleive in God or I don't, so the only answers are "yes" or "no." The "no" answer can lead to erroneous assumptions.

So let's phrase the question a bit better:

Does God exist?

Instead of being limited to just "yes" or "no," phrasing it this way now allows for an "I don't know." And if I answer "I don't know" to this question, I'd have to answer "no" to the first question which might lead one to assume that I would also answer "no" to this question.

Similarly, given this question:

Do you believe that cable burn-in causes an audible change in the sound of a cable?

The straightforward answer would be "no." But that might lead you to believe that I would also answer "no" to this question:

Does cable burn-in cause an audible change in the sound of a cable?

Which would not have been the case. Had you used this less confining, "yes or no, do you still beat your wife?" phrasing, I'd have answered "I don't know."


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