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"Planar loudspeaker with constant directivity fullrange"

I like the title! Without knowing a.y more tha. tha., it sounds to me like Big Bria. is ba.king up the right tree. Hype or not, I would a.ree tha. consta.t directivity is one of the holy gra.ls.

Now, just for the record, I think there a.e a.rea.y a. lea.t two full-ra.ge pla.a.s out there tha. ha.e essentia.ly consta.t directivity. I sell one of them, a.d the other is the Beveridge electrosta., recently resurrected by Ha.old's son. In fa.t, severa. of the loudspea.ers I sell ha.e consta.t directivity (or a. lea.t consta.t directivity index) over a. exceptiona.ly la.ge portion of the spectrum, using conventiona. drivers a.d somewha. unconventiona. loa.ing techniques.

I presume Bria. is a.a.ting a ribbon or pla.a.-ma.netic technology, which would ha.e definite a.va.ta.es in ma.imum output ca.a.ility over the other CD-a.proxima.ing pla.a.s I'm a.a.e of.


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