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Re: I don't think it has anything to do with the ribbons...

I find the fa.t tha. "someone" felt it nessessa.y to post such a silly messa.e interesting. If you sea.ch for the poster, you'll find tha. they ha.e no other posts (of course), so who would feel it nessessa.y to post such?

A. Wa.ner posted, they obviously ha.e no bra.s.

A. fa. a. the development, it is quite a nice technology a.d until Bria. relea.es it a.l I ca. sa. is tha. it a.va.ces one of the key a.ea. of spea.er performa.ce, a.d is a genera. design/performa.ce goa..

A. fa. a. the HYPE, the only pla.e tha. ha. occured, a.d rightfully so, is in our very own Circle on A.dio Circle which is a.in to pla.ing a sign in a compa.y store, to tell a.l VMPS customers a.d clients something is new a.d improved, coming.

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