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Vinyl Asylum: the most elaborate and expensive stereo system in the world??????? by carlos269

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the most elaborate and expensive stereo system in the world???????

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"the most elaborate and expensive stereo system in the world"
I take exception with this statement on both accounts.

Until people in this hobby start understanding that it takes more than money to create or put together a truly GREAT system which is able to reproduce sound recordings with high fidelity than you will continue to see these flavor of the month style mega-dollar systems which do not amount to anything more than mere status symbols.

John Watkinson in his book "The Art of Sound Reproduction" set it best:

High-End Hi-Fi = The high-end hi-fi market caters for the obsessive customer who often spends more time tinkering and comparing than actually listening for enjoyment.......

To this I would also add that unfortunately most of these All-Out-Assault systems are put together by individuals who happen to have more money than experience in electrical engineering, acoustics or a trained ear for live and un-amplified musical recording and reproduction techniques.

Before I come across as holier than thou, let me just state for the record that at last tally (strictly for insurance purposes) I have over $479K worth of audio equipment in my listening room. And yes I own FM Acoustics, Burmester, Forsell, Klyne, Accuphase and the likes. BUT it is not the high ticket prices that makes my system sound so great but it is the knowledge and experience which was used to make it come together and which allowed me to assemble a system based not only on the synergy of the individual components but in the use and understanding of mastering techniques and tools which are not familiar or known by the typical audiophile which assemble these "All Out Assault" systems.

As a mastering engineer over at gearslutz once said:

Funny thing is, if most Audiophiles knew how much we manipulate
the music we record and mix for them, they would probably have
a heart attack or hang themselves from their $800 speaker cable (or a/c pwr cord, etc.).

The bottom line is than in the end it IS once's ear that is used to make the final judgement but having a some knowledge of how things work and interface with one's room makes the road getting there smoother.

There is no silver bullet or recipe in assembly a truly great systems and I have come to the conclusion that in the end what is great to someone may not be everyone's cup of tea. I have given up on the goal for an overall "Absolute Sound" as it is different for everyone. What I have been and continue to pursue is my own definition of realism because in the end it is I and no one by me who must pay the electricity bill.

As stated above Mikel system cost but a fraction of my system and as far as complexity and elaborateness goes well let's just say that my systems goes DSD into a Digital Audio Denmark AX-24 DSD/DXD converter from a Forsell Air Reference Mk. IV air-baring transport. The signal is decomposed in a M/S (Mid/Side) processor so that it can be processed by Sound Performance Lab's SPL Mastering psychoacoustic processors and mastering equalizers. The signal is then separated into three frequency ranges where the signal are tri-amplified by monoblock Class-A amplifiers by Krell, NRG-Control 400 Watt pure Class-A monoblocks, Plinius SA-250 Mk.III with Ron Hovland mods, Hot House TWO THOUSAND High Resolution Control Room amplifier or by KR Enterprices, Dynavector, Nestorovic or Einstein tube amplifiers.

Preamplifier duties are done by either the Seamless Interface Electro-Acoustiques Big Dog Signature TVC passive preamp of by the Technik Avant Garde Model-1 or the custom designed 6C45pi equivalent. Analog sources include Micro-Seiki SX-777 and Transrotor reference turntables. Phono stage duties fall either to a custom three chassis all tube Audion Premier Quattro High Gain Phonostage only system, a Klyne modified and updated SK-5A, a David Manley/Simon Yorke High Gain truly balanced MC six tube phono stage or by a Dynavector DV-3000GOLD full function tube preamp, Accuphase, Burmester or Rowland phono stages.

As you can tell, when it comes to elaborate set-ups Mikel system could be considered pedestrian compared to some of the more extensive systems out there.

I hope that I did not disparage anyone with my statements but I just wanted to put your original statement into proper perspective.

There is a couple of local guys who seem to think that the more expensive the equipment the better it sounds to those individuals I offer a challenge to see if there system is up to par.

I don't pretend to have all the answers, I have been in this hobby now for over 21 years and each day I feel that I learn something new; and yes my academic background in Physics and Electrical Engineering does give me the edge in determining what is logical and possible and what is not when it comes to matters of room acoustics and electrical design.

Don't get fooled by the marketing hype or the product of the month mentality because at the end of the day someone will come along who has spend considerable less money and has a much better or should I say more accurate system than yours.

Let the people with the Rockport Sirius turntables, the A-capella Triolons, Einstein The Tube, Dartzeel's, The Messanger pre, MBL 101E's, Wilson Alexandrea's, Walker/Maplenoll Proscesium Black Diamond Signature's, Tube Research Lab TRL-800's....

Tube - one of these:

Tube Research Labs Platinum Golden Triode Reference Preamplifier
Jadis JP-800
Conrad Johnson Anniversary Reference Triode Series 3 Linestage
Audio Research Reference Three Vacum Tube Stereo Line Preamplifier
Vacum Tube Logic TL-7.5 Mk.II Reference Linestage Preamplifier
Aesthetix Callisto Signature Tubed Preamplifier w/Remote Control & 2 x Power Supplies
Balanced Audio Technologies REX Balanced Preamplifier
Zanden Audio Model 3000 Tubed Linestage Preamplifier
The Messanger Preamplifier w/External Power Supply
Kondo M1000 Mk.II
First Sound Audio Paramount Mk.II Special Edition Statement
Expressive Technologies Model 1 Preamplifier
Audion Premier Quattro 4-Chassis Model
Audio Tekne Model TEA-9501PCS Stereo Pre Amplifier
Loth-X Silbatone C-102
Essence The Japser Reference
Shindo Labs Petrus III Dual Mono Preamplifier
Electron Images Amati Preamplifier
LAMM Industries L2 Reference Preamplifier
Wavac Audio PR-T1 Line Preamplifier
Glass Master LC-1 Preamplifier

Solid State - one of these:

Scan Tech Lyra Connoisseur 5-0L SE
Boulder Amplifiers 2010 Isolated Balanced Preamplifier
FM Acoustics Resolution Series 268
Dynaudio Arbiter Monaural Preamplifiers
Goldmund Mimesis 22 Signature Analogue Preamplifier
Krell Evolution Two Monophonic Linestage Preamplifier
Burmester Reference Line Preamplifier 808 Mk.V
MBL 6010D Reference Line Preamplifier
Mark Levinson No.32 Reference Preamplifier
Halcro dm10
Spectral Audio DMC-30SL Reference Preamplifier
Jeff Rowland Design Group Coherence II
CTC Builders Blowtorch Preamplifier
dartZeel NHB-18NS Preamplifier
Bride Audio Laboratory BAlabo BC-1 Mk.II Control Amplifier
Cello Audio Suite w/Phono Modules
Pass Labs X0.2
McIntosh C1000C Configurable Tube/Solid State Conroller and Preamplifier
Edge Electronics NL Signature 1.1 Preamplifier
Linn Klimax Control Linestage Preamplifier

Tube Research Labs Platinum Golden Triode Reference 800 Mono Amplifiers
Jadis JA-800
Atma-Sphere MA-3 Reference Mono Amplifiers
Conrad Johnson Grand Anniversary Triode Mono Amplifiers(upcoming)
Vacum Tube Logic Siegfried Reference Mono Amplifiers
Audio Research Reference 610T Vacum Tube Monaural Amplifiers
Wavac Audio SH-833 Mk.II
LAMM Industries ML-3 Signature Mono Amplifiers
Convergent Audio Technologies JL-1 Limited Edition
Joule Electra VZN-350 Destiny OTL Monoblock Amplifiers
Kondo Gaku-On Mk.II
Shoreline 800 Monoblock Amplifiers
Pathos Acoustics Adrenaline
Glass Master SD-2
Tube Research Labs Single Ended Triode Reference 50 Mono Amplifiers
Loth-X Silbatone 300 SEL
Tenor Audio Hybrid Series 300 Hp Monoblock Amplifiers
Balanced Audio Technologies VK-300SE Dual Block Balanced Zero Feedback Triode Bridged Mono Amplifiers
Ypsilon SET-100 Monoblock Amplifiers
Octave Research Jubilee Monos
Zanden Audio Model 9600 Push Pull Mono Amplifiers
Nagra VPA Mono Amplifiers
Walcott Audio Presence Mono Amplifiers
Cary Audio CAD-1610SE Monblock Amplifiers
KR Audio Double Kronzilla Mono Amplifiers
Marantz Project T-1
Van Gaylord Audio Uni Monoblock Amplifiers

Dynaudio Arbiter Mono Power Amplifiers
Krell Master Reference Amplifiers
Mark Levinson No.33 Reference Monaural Amplifiers
Burmester Reference Line Power Amplifier 909 Monos
GamuT Audio S600M Mk.III
Edge Electronics NL Reference Mono Amplifiers
FM Acoustics Resolution Series 2011
Goldmund Telos 5000 (upcoming)
Halcro dm88
Spectral Audio DMA-360S Reference Monaural Amplifiers
Jeff Rowland Design Group Model 301
Krell Evolution One Monophonic Power Amplifiers
MBL 9011 Reference Line Mono Power Amplifiers
Boulder Amplifiers 2050 Class A Mono Amplifiers
Hovland Company Stratos Reference Mono Amplifiers
Audire The New Monarch
Bridge Audio Laboratory BAlabo BP-1 Mk.II Bridged Mono Amplifiers
McIntosh Mc2KW
Essence Jasper Reference Mono Amplifiers
Cello Performance II
Pass Labs X-1000.5
Classè Omega Reference Monaural Amplifiers
Theta Citadel
Esoteric Audio Research M100A
Linn Klimax Chakra 500 Solos
Chord SPM 14000
Accuphase M-8000
Dynamic Presicion DP-A2
Electrocompaniet Nemo Mk.II
Forsell The Statement
Bladelius Design Group Beowolf
Gryphon Anthilleon Signature Monos
Vitus Audio SM-101 Signature Monaural Amplifiers
Sim Audio Moon The Rock
Viola Audio Labs Bravo Reference Monaural Amplifiers

Wadia 790 PowerDAC
Audio Physic Monos

Let the PROUD owners of these and other audio jewelry STEP UP and take the Challenge!!!!!

Let's find out once and for all, at least for this week, who the big man on campus is!

Any takers??????

Are you ready.....are you ready.......LETS GET IT ON!!!!!!!

Carlos "The Big Dog"

By the way I'm in! I'm ready to go into the audio octagon! Two systems enter and the loser goes home empty handed.....the winner takes the loser's system as the trophy!!!! Let's get ready to rumble!!!!!!!!!

The motto of the post is that it takes more than deep pockets to put together a truly "great" sounding system!

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