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Lifelong SS+monitor guy. Can I be happy with SET+HE Speakers?

So, I've had solid-state amps and dynamic "box" monitor speakers for all of my adult life. Current system is Theta Miles (balanced) CD, Monarchy Audio SM-70 pair (mono-block, balanced mode) and Tyler Acoustics Taylo Reference monitors.

I think my system sounds pretty good, but I use it in a small room at moderate volume and listen to mostly vocals and small groups (jazz, folk, chamber music). I'm going to have a seperate HT system too.

So, my question is this: Can I be happy with an inexpensive SET or other tube amp and a pair of High Effeciency speakers? I'm looking for a lifelike presentation (tone, timbre, image, soundstage, realism, bass slam). I don't need loud volume levels.

Some contenders for equipment are Decware Zen Select, Bottlehead Paramours, Consonance Billies or Ella. For speakers maybe The HornShoppe horns, Moth Cicadas, Triangle Antals or Dave Dutill's Parker Audios.

So, what do you think? Is there really magic in SET/tubes and HE speakers? What are the trade-offs?



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