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High Efficiency Speaker Asylum: Re: On Dinsdale on Horns. (long) by Bruce Edgar

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Re: On Dinsdale on Horns. (long)

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Well, Paul, you just got sucked in by Dinsdale's mishmash of right and wrong horn theory. I was also impressed until I started to take apart his design philosopy and found some very wrong assumptions.

The first wrong assumption is the use of any old driver in a horn. He used KEF drivers which are mass loaded. If you place these drivers on a horn, you lose bandwith. Notice that he does not present any frequency response plots.

The second wrong assumption is the design of a tractrix bass horn. It's an contridiction in terms. You can't get bass out of a tractrix design.

The third wrong assumption is bad things happen at the flare cutoff so Dinsdale says to back off by 20% the flare frequency. Some software out there uses this assuption. You plug in a frequency but you end up with a horn of lower flare frequency (20% below) that is longer than you need. But even worse, the mouth size is calculated for the input frequency, not the lower value. So the end result is a lower flare rate and a longer horn than you need with a too small a mouth. I alway do my own horn flare calculation.

I would say that about 5% of the horn literature out there is good, the rest is a mishmash of garbage and good stuff. Caveat Emptor!

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Topic - On Dinsdale on Horns. (long) - Paul Eizik 13:44:02 04/16/03 ( 14)