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Yet another (hopefully different) dedicated line question...

I have studied the Archives, and it seems the only thing that is universally accepted, is to hire an electrician if you are not absolutely sure what you are doing.

My comfort level ends at the service panel/ciruit breaker box; so installing an isolated ground would not be a do it yourself option. However, I am familiar with the basics--such as replacing switches and outlets, and adding new outlets/lighting fixtures. I have a couple of dedicated lines (20amp/15amp) that were installed years ago for other purposes, that are no longer needed. So, I would like to reroute these to my stereo. These lines were run down the center of my basement, along with a half dozen or so other lines. I figure that the least I can do, would be to isolate the two dedicated lines from the rest.

It should be noted that the 15amp circuit does have one outlet one it that is directly adjacent to the service panel. While this is not ideal for a dedicated line, it does give me some options--It gives me a place to insert Enacoms or Quietlines; and long as I am rerouting the lines, I could change to 10 or 12 gauge wire from the outlet to my stereo room. My first inclination was to run separate wires in metal conduit (leaving a little extra at the outlet, so that an electrician could perhaps someday finish the run directly into the main panel). However, while this would be fine as far as code, there seem to be differing opinions regarding the interaction between the wires and the conduit--However, PVC conduit would provide no shielding? What if I were to place PVC conduit inside a larger metal conduit? (I am assuming that the conduit/s may have to be a minimum size?) Or should I be satisfied with separating the two dedicated lines from the rest?

Also, if I were to insert a couple Enacoms or Quietlines in the outlet adjacent to the breaker box, would their effectiveness be dimished by the time the wire reaches the stereo (around 100 feet)?


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