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Rocket 88 bi-amp/V12-i

Has anyone had the chance to compare bi-amped Rocket 88s to a V12-i? In either case, there are a lot of tubes to replace--It might be enough for me to give up tube rolling! Do you need to have 12 matched power tubes for the V12, or matched pairs or sextets?

Also, I see a fair share of both amps for sale at pretty good prices--very tempting. Is this mainly due to the fact that they are lacking a gain stage, and therefore not working out in many systems? Has anyone using a Cary CD player tried adjusting the gain--I believe you can get 12 volts output in the balanced configuration.


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Topic - Rocket 88 bi-amp/V12-i - Bob S 17:43:53 07/10/02 (0)

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