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Re: Are you sure you heard the 40's?

Absolutely, 100% sure they were the 40s. I was getting near buying them, as I was down to two choices. As I said, the electronics were a bit suspect, though they were very high end. The room was heavily carpeted and draped, so it wasn't the room. As I said above, I could hear tape hiss very prominently on a recording where it was quite low on the vast majority of other speakers I had heard. However, I never make any major decisions based on one listening in one place. I would have not crossed them off my list based on this one hearing. I was also bothered by the bass boom in the 40s, reported by other respected listeners, and finally, all things considered, I felt the price was a bit steep. Still, I did go to some considerable effort to hear them one more time on a trip to London, but signals got crossed, and it didn't happen. Two days ago I moved on from my Spendor SP 100s to Vandersteen 5s, and I am happy to be done with ported speakers.


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