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That's the way I hear them, and

the way they measure in my room, and the way they were measured by someone else who has more sophisticated equipment and the way they sound to him too. Martin Colloms also mentioned some tizz from the tweeter. It was never noticeable in my family room, because there's no dropped ceiling and I sit far away. Now, it is possible that our first generation C7's are different from the later ES IIs, but Alastair, from whom I bought mine and who sold a lot of them around the world, told me that there were no changes to the crossover and no real diff in sound. I'd buy a new pair if I thought there was a difference. Robert says I should get an equalizer. I am also one of a handful of people (maybe fewer) who prefer the defunct K6, which sounds and measures a little warmer and smoother.

How do the 5's compare?
I think I said too much about the Quads, but there is a sort of synergy with the C7.


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