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Wow, what a thread.

Rarely do I read a thread expressing so many different views where I can agree with almost everyone's opinion and can understand what are the differences. I agree that all the speakers mentioned are quite distinct and different. But, what these speakers all have in common is an essentially musical, easy-to-get-lost-in-the-music quality. They do not emphasize any one quality-- hyper detail, wild imaging, deep bass, etc.

I've only heard the Reynaud speakers on two separate occasions, but, one can almost instantaneously fall for their woody, musical sound. I particularly liked the Trentes. The Harbeths are on the opposite end of the spectrum that is being discussed here, but they too are in the same family of sound; similar to the Spendors, but a touch drier sounding (more accurate?). I like the Classic Spendor line as well, particularly the SP100, but I agree that the bass can sound a bit bloated if the room does not suit it (it needs a very big room). The new line of Spendors sound drier and go for punchier bass, but fortunately, they don't give up all of the woody Spendor quality (I particularly like the 8). The Vandersteen 3As mentioned are also quite natural and musical and they are quite a bargain to boot.

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