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Re: Am I a Spendor guy???

It would be nice to know what the rest of your system consists of but at first blush I'm inclined to think you sound more like a Harbeth guy. I think the Spendor SP 1/2 is the sweet spot in the "classic" line (haven't heard the "S" series). It is slightly on the warm and forgiving side which is a big plus if you have less than excellent equipment. The M30 Harbeth gives you warts and all. If the recording or your equipment has faults it will let you know. The bass extension of the SP 1/2 is greater than that of the M30 (neither plays really deep). I could easily live with the 1/2 without agumentaion but I'd be looking for a sub-woofer with the M30s.
You might also listen to some of the lines that have a similar sonic character to Spendor and Harbeth such as J M Reynaud and Green Mountain Audio.

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