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I am not sure what the value would be.. Keep in mind condition especially around the circuit board traces as this thing runs HOT!

They are beautiful to behold and I might buy a pair if they were inexpensive enough...but I think you truly would be better off today with one of Atmasphere's designs for the money and grief.

The issue with these is condition and the effectiveness of the servo and the sound it imparts... from one of Rosen's flamboyant posts:

"The Counterpoint is another "by the numbers" piece of design work. The gimmick here was to make the amp all direct-coupled, regardless of the consequences. And being a Counterpoint, it had to be totally compromised in the false hope of being reliable & convenient. The design sucks, and of course is neither. Sound is incredibly grainy & hard, very solid-scrape. This thing uses an op-amp servo to eliminate DC, a protection circuit to mute the output if things don't come out the way they should, and scads of solid-state regulators & zeners to give the desired direct-coupling. Zeners replace coupling caps in some spots to accomplish the design goals.
Cute,hunh? I was told this was the work of Roger Modjeski of RAM Labs. Poor guy. Very clever. Too clever to be smart, though, whoever really did design it. Each amp uses 11 valves. One of them is a triode. One.
See what a nice guy I am? You asked my for my opinion of 2 amps and I even threw in an extra one, hopefully for good measure. Cheers! "

Good Luck with your decison!

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