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RE: None. In this life, there is no "none" (nor an "everything")....

those are extremes that no one lives in (except in their self-deceptive mind).

You may not have wanted to see the overt/covert influence but it's there and riding all along. The way I know this: "piano" in the home. I repeat this bold assertion: any human household with a piano in the home MEANS it is held over the child. It's expensive; it's big; it has high status: no normal parent is going to let it sit idly by. NO parent.

Another 'giveaway' is the 'surrounded by music in the home' (my summary of your description). It's another no-choice, nowhere-to-go environment.

I do appreciate your response however and can understand your best efforts to keep the piano's presence at low-key [heh-heh]. Persoally, though, I'm not buying it.

Lastly and depressingly, you don't have to ""force"" - by means, physical - a child to do something to GET him to do it.

roger wang

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