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I didn't feel it was necessary, but if you feel it's important...

...here are some quotes from posts made by Steve Eddy. It's actually quite easy to look them up as there is a very good search tool available here. When I listed the number of posts made by Steve and rpl in my original post I certainly didn't go through and count them by hand.

"Recently on Cable Asylum, rpl reported that when he removed the heatshrink and pulled back the woven sleeving covering on his $395 power cord from JPS Labs, it revealed a power cable manufactured by Eupen, and bore a standard Eupen part number."

"Yes, I am biased. I'm biased against fraud and deceit. I'd like to think everyone is. And I feel that rpl raises some legitimate concerns along those lines with regard to JPS Labs."

"If indeed JPS Labs' Digital AC/Analog AC/Video AC power cords are nothing more than stock Eupen cords dressed up in heatshrink and some Techflex, then JPS Labs' claims are intentionally deceiving consumers and that in my opinion is nothing less than fraud."

"What's at issue here is whether or not someone is taking someone else's complete unique product, disguising its identity, claiming it to be their complete unique product, and then selling it at a price significantly greater than the original product otherwise sells for.”

Look, my intention is not to pick a fight with Steve Eddy, or any one else. But people have been writing about this ordeal as if it were some good consumer information based on fact. If Consumer Report Magazine thought the Honda Accord was a repackaged Toyota Camry, they wouldn’t drive by a dealership and make their observations from the road; they would actually get both cars, disassemble them and see if they were a match part for part. If what Steve is implying about the JPS cable is in fact true, I'll be just as disappointed as anyone else, but I'm not willing to make any assumptions until I have all the facts, and neither should anyone else. There has been a lot of talk that manufactures should be more professional and held to higher standards in their conduct; why shouldn’t we be held to those same standards? Maybe as a collective group we could actually lead by example, instead of making assumptions and firing off like loose cannons.

Take Care,

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