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Choosing between FLAC and Apple Lossles encoder?

Hi, I posted this in PC Audio forum, but maybe someone here can give some advice too.

Thanks a lot!

im starting to study my options for a music server using my PC and devices I already own .
The idea is something like:
PC -> Wireless Router 802.11G -> 802.11G client -> ethernet cable -> wired Squeezebox -> DAC -> Preamp, etc,etc,etc.
Im trying to define now whats the software part of the system.
These are my considerations:

1) I will be using SlimServer on the PC
2) I have almost blind faith in EAC , against any other ripper (have been using it for 5 years or so to copy CDs)
3) I want (preferably) to get sound files for whole disks instead of one for each song, but
4) In want to be able to access individual songs while using Squeeze box.
5) I want a lossless compression system
6) I want to be in a good shape to add an iPod later in the game...


So my questions are:
1) should I go for (EAC)-FLAC or Apple Lossless Encoder?
2) should (can) I have SlimServer AND iTunes installed at the same time?
3)If i go for FLAC, will I be able to use an iPod _easily_ later?
4) Will SlimServer (or iTunes) be able to read CUE files to access indivual songs in big FLAC files? is there any other method these softs use to achieve the same ?

Im open to hear all your ideas , tips and recommendations, so thanks a lot in advance!!


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