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Re: Why Does My DVD Player/DAC Combo Sound So Bad?

I do not have experience with Bel Canto DAC 1.1, but have lived with the previous version 1.0 for a couple of years. Therefore I am not sure how much of my comments would be relevant to your situation, but that doesn't stop me from babbling ;-)

First, I think the DVD player thing that Bel Canto pushes is simply a smart marketting strategy - buy our DAC, connect to the DVD player you probably have already, and enjoy the music! Sorry, doesn't seem to work that way. The Bel Canto I had did not sound so good with my DVD player (Pioneer 525).

I have used CEC 5100 and Rega Planet as transports with the Bel Canto DAC, and I have preferred the rega by a big margin. Both the DAC and CEC have a very refined and non-harsh (some say analog-like but I disagree), but somewhat dynamically challenged sound. For certain kinds of music this combo worked quite well, but overall they didn't form a synergistic combo that could play all kinds of music. I have gotten a better balanced result by getting the rega, but eventually moved on and abandoned the Bel Canto.

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