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Low capacitance Balanced inteconnect

Greetings, I'm looking for information on good quality low capacitance bulk wire to build balanced 12 foot interconnects.

To determine my specifics needs I've done a little experimenting. I purchased inexpensive 12 foot lengths of Ultralink Discovery wire (shielded twisted pair unknown insulation) soldered on neutrix xlr connectors and wrapped a ground around the outside. I then acclimated myself with them. Thanks to info gained from this site I soon realized the ground wire was not required as my system components are fully balanced so I removed it. I then decided to remove the outer jacket and sheild to determine if a shielded cable is necessary for my application. This is weird and I will admit I'm suffering from a minor cold but the naked twisted wires a far more quiet than the sheilded cable. The difference between the two are not subtle at all. I've listened for two weeks with no shield and the noticable lack of noise is consistant from session to session with every cd I play. The other obvious advantages of the naked cable is an open more airy sound but best of all is the improvement in timing that is most noticeable on snair drums and cymbals. The whack of the skin the drum tone and buzz of the snairs are absolutely perfect in timing.

I've oversimplified my findings but from from my observations I've concluded all I require is simply a twisted pair of wires.

My questions are:

1/ Have I completely lost my mind or is there an explanation for the non shielded cable being quieter than the shielded?

2/ I read Belden 89259 has a capacitance of 17.5 pg/ft. How do these figures change if two cores are twisted together with no shielding or outer jacket.

3/ I understand Audioengineer has an extremely low capacitance cable. Is information available regarding this cable?

4/ Are there other foam teflon insulated bare copper stranded cables with lower capacitance than belden 89259 available in bulk?

Thank you for your time.

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