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Re: OYAIDE/ACROLINK Power Cord Comparison

Freejazz: an excellent post, thank you. I've been wondering about the Locus, Purist and Wolff cords.

I have a VH Audio AirSine with the Oyaide Gold and had an Audio Excellence Acrolink with the same connectors on audition. IMS, the Acrolink had a lower noise floor (blacker background) and more clarity than the AirSine which, however, has fuller harmonics and a more extended decay that creates a greater three dimensionality and soundstage. I ordered an Acrolink as the combination of the two cords gave the advantages of each. I tried each cord on my CJ MV60SE and Alan's Power Wing (which I also had on audition and also ordered - can't wait!).

A question: I have found that some products that use carbon fiber material, i.e., Bybee filters (which I've used on several pieces - I also have a Modwright SWL 9.0SE with Bybees, btw) and Quantum Physics Noise Disruptors, while certainly providing a lower noise floor and greater resolution, thin out the midrange a bit. Did you notice this at all with the Carbon Fiber connectors and cords? I realize you didn't have the same cords with and without the P/I CF.

Thanks again,

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