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Blue Dragon V2 for Sennheiser 650s

I recently bought a headphone rig including the above items, the Cardas aftermarket cable, and the Headroom Millet hybrid amp with the Home Module (Class A) and Desktop Pwr. Supply. Find the system really enjoyable (although I don't have much to compare it to).

However in listening to the stock, Cardas and Moon Audio Blue Dragon cords a couple of things were apparent.

The stock cord, although supposedly new and improved, is very veiled and not very extended; such that it requires immediate replacement.
The Cardas cord is a substantial improvement but is surpassed by the Blue Dragon V2 by almost as much as the Cardas surpasses the stock cable. The Blue Dragon has much more clarity and transparency, and is more tonally balanced while retaining excellent extension on both ends. It also gives a greater illusion of depth.
Highly recommended.

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