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Re: Not Side By Side

Thanks Lummy.

I perhaps should have mentioned as well that the dedicated audio lines run off of a dedicated 100amp subpanel. The MV60SE sounds more open, transparent and uncompressed running directly but I would like the surge protection of a PLC.

I know what you mean about the MV60SE not getting nasty (although it's not much of a concern to me given that classical & folk/world take far more of my listening time). Even with my Aural Acoustics Model Bs (voiced with the MV60SE), and the Modwright SWL 9.0SE, which is very propulsive and dynamic, the amp moves and pops but doesn't growl. The Tung Sol reissues help but I can't help but wonder if any tube amp can really do hard rock justice?

I haven't heard the Anaconda but I've found the VH Audio Airsine to be more open, neutral, and transparent, with better timing, than the Taipan VX and Python Helixes. A wonderful cord you might like. Works very well with the CJ.


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