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Vinyl Asylum: Great review. Here's my take... by wgallupe

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Great review. Here's my take...

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First of all, I fully concur with your experiences and findings. My experience was very similar. I received my Best Tractor a week ago and like you, dove right into the alignment procedure. I spent about 2-1/2 hours on my cartridge. I had some trouble getting the 10X lupe and my apparently big head positioned close to the cartridge for proper viewing without disturbing the platter, protractor or tonearm. With practice, I was able to accomplish this. After completing the alignment, the most obvious improvement was a significant reduction in mis-tracking on the inner grooves. I also noticed more air and space around notes akin to finding the perfect VTF and VTA.
I am a believer in the Best Protractor. However, my take on this product is that its real value is in the instructions. In addition to providing an extremely accurate protractor, Mr. Yip has come up with a real world procedure for average people. I had to laugh when I got to step 13: “By now you must be exhausted…” He’s right, I was. His Tips are perfect too: “have both eyes open”, “Make sure you take a break every 30 minutes”, for small adjustments “…keep the fingers steady but use your mind to move the cart”. He understands the human interaction and fine motor skills that are needed and conveys his ideas in clear, easy to understand words. And, if the words don’t get you there the pictures seal the deal.
Answering John Elison’s question about null points, I measured with a micrometer and get (approximately) 66.1mm and 121.2mm from the center of the spindle hole. Please note that when I eyeballed the measurement I couldn’t bring myself to put the same painstaking effort into this measurement so it may be off a tad ;> )

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