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Re: Fellow Merrill Heirloom owners

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The Heirloom a nice table is one bear to set up.I had one. There were a few things I did not like about it. Changing tonearms was ridiculously too expensive because of the one piece lower carriage replacement for re-drilling. It used to take me better than an hour or so to set up. I used the kitchen table opened to install leaf to get under it to do it properly. Is the base level? Maybe as you said the armboard looks tilted because the base is not level to it? Also, the center (George calls it the Tonearm weight I think) main balancing weight below has to balance correctly. As in a Linn it all has to have the correct bounce. I bought a VPI so I wouldn't have to go through that suspended crap. It will sing if properly set up though. Follow the instructions perfectly. Patience and tweaking will get you there.

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