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Speaker Asylum: Re: From another posterabout the B&W 700 series design flaws... by John Ashman

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Re: From another posterabout the B&W 700 series design flaws...

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I don't think he was saying that it was the new (?) implementation of kevlar that makes the 700 worse. It sounds to me like he was saying that the 700 series was simply a repackaging (and price increase) of relatively poor speaker design rather than an actual upgrade which could have been accomplished with a better tweeter, different midrange materials, better choice of crossovers or via several other obvious fixes. Though, I do believe the 700 series has an even brighter, harsher sound that may make people pine for the CDM sound and that may explain the higher resale of CDMs if that is indeed the case.

Kind of like the new 800 series. While the Nautilus tweeter was subpar (there are $20 tweeters that are notably better), even the world's best tweeter won't rescue the FST kevlar midrange. Not with a 4KHz, 2nd order crossover (I think). If B&W were serious about Kevlar as anything beyond a marketing driven feature, they'd lower the crossover to 2.5kHz, 4th order design. Then they'd actually damp the bass drivers on the lower end models, rather than letting them flap in the wind and make the 801 a 4-way design with an 8" midbass. But, as long as they keep selling to the public, why mess with an obviously successful recipe. They seem to be giving consumers more of the same problems rather than trying to remove the problems with their designs.

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