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Speaker Asylum: Re: B&W Nautilus 804, a question for you. by JerryS

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Re: B&W Nautilus 804, a question for you.

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Thanks for your kind words. I picked the N804 for these reasons:

1. Since the N804 has the same midrange and tweeter as the best 800 series speakers, I could "hear" these more expensive speakers from ~400 Hz up, and understand the progress B&W has made over the years.

2. This is the least expensive 800 series speaker to use the FST midrange. Lower cost = more inmates and readers who might be interested.

3. I usually prefer floor standers over a bookshelf speaker that requires stands. Usually a bookshelf + good stands costs about the same as a floorstander in the line.

4. I missed the earlier posts about the N804. My positive experience with the Matrix 802 Series 2 (review on 10 Audio) several years ago urged the N804 review.


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Topic - B&W Nautilus 804 - review posted - JerryS 12:17:32 10/30/04 ( 37)