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Compared to the Tritons? I've barely turned the Audion off since Friday night. It's so harmonically dense, so rich, clean and detailed, with dynamics that can make your shoulder muscles twitch and bass I just didn't know a SET could deliver. Its 6 wpc drive my Total Victories better than the Tritons' 16.

But most of all, it's the first amp I've heard that I think has Soul. This is perhaps more a reflection on the number of amps I've heard, but what I hear is a window that is wide open on the intent and emotion of the music as well as the technicalities of the sound. I just feel immersed when I'm listening to it. It's a hell of an experience.

Paul Chefurka

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Topic - Audion vs. Art Audio PX25 - GliderGuider 07:24:43 05/2/04 ( 20)