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Propeller Head Plaza: Boston Audio Society Strikes Again! by Charles Hansen

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Boston Audio Society Strikes Again!

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Brad Meyer and David Moran of the Boston Audio Society have (once again) proven that we are all deaf. Here is the abstract from their article in the latest issue of the AES journal:

Claims both published and anecdotal are regularly made for audibly superior sound quality
for two-channel audio encoded with longer word lengths and/or at higher sampling rates than
the 16-bit/44.1-kHz CD standard. The authors report on a series of double-blind tests comparing
the analog output of high-resolution players playing high-resolution recordings with
the same signal passed through a 16-bit/44.1-kHz “bottleneck.” The tests were conducted for
over a year using different systems and a variety of subjects. The systems included expensive
professional monitors and one high-end system with electrostatic loudspeakers and expensive
components and cables. The subjects included professional recording engineers, students in
a university recording program, and dedicated audiophiles. The test results show that the
CD-quality A/D/A loop was undetectable at normal-to-loud listening levels, by any of the
subjects, on any of the playback systems. The noise of the CD-quality loop was audible only
at very elevated levels.

Is it any wonder that folks like John Curl have sworn off any association with the AES?

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