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High Efficiency Speaker Asylum: Tractrix vs. hypex vs. conical - corrected (long with pictures) by Volvotreter

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Tractrix vs. hypex vs. conical - corrected (long with pictures)

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In a post further down I showed what kind of midbass I want to build for home application.

I also posted some screenshots of simulations and parameters where I made a stupid mistake horn length wise (shame on


Now I corrected this and I'm reposting the whole thing there again:

The initial horn was a 77Hz m=0,6 hyperbolic horn with a 5/16 sized mouth.

Earl Geddes suggested to ease building by making all sides of the flare straight instead of two straight and two

bended. He also suggested to simulate in half space, what I did now:

All horns shown below are of same length, throat- and mouth size.

Modification of the bachchamber volume was not possible anymore - this was because of my error in the last post.

Here for reference the initial hyperbolic horn

Now the conical version which may be more easy to build
(blue lines in horn sketches show hypex flare for reference):

Two step approximation at 47cm distance from throat:

Two step approximation at 40cm distance from throat:

Two step approximation at 35cm distance from throat:

It seems the difference between the true hyperbolic horn, all the two step approximations and the conical horn are neglible.

Here's the simulation of my current tractrix midbass:

So I think all this leads to the conical version with all four sides straight, because it's most likely the easiest to build of all of them.

But what do you think: Would such horn be able to repoduce nice drum kicks? Will approx 90Hz fc be enouth for this? Kick is what I'm missing on my current midbass. The klipschorn I use below the tractrix midbass will not integrate too well if running that high, that there is no gap to the midbass. I don't know if the conical horn would cure that problem. Hmm...

Any suggestions or comments are wellcome!



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