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Hi-Rez Highway: Re: Water Lily Russian Recordings and turning the other cheek.... by regreene

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Re: Water Lily Russian Recordings and turning the other cheek....

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In the midst of all the discussion, somehow an essential point made by Kavi A. seems to have been a bit glossed over later on. The mikes used in the "Golden Age" recordings by RCA and Mercury were VERY FAR FROM FLAT. RCA played with EQ to try to fix this. AS I understand it, Mercury at least claimed not to do any EQ. But without EQ, an accurate recording using a far from flat microphone is NOT POSSIBLE. And indeed the Mercuries sound very colored to anyone who has an ear for such things. Actually the RCAs sound colored,too--whatever EQ they did did not work out all that well. There is really no doubt about this(actually, I wrote about the treble peak in my very first TAS article, more than 20 years ago--long ago if not far away.) You may like the Mercuries, but thye are most definitely no truthful to any reality anywhere in the hall where they were made--or anywhere else for that matter. (Nine and ten dB peaks at 10 k are not a feature of natural sound in any listening position whatever.)

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