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Hi-Rez Highway: Water Lily Russian Recordings and turning the other cheek.... by music@waterlilyacoustics.com

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Water Lily Russian Recordings and turning the other cheek....

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The seating arrangment of the Saint Petersburg Philharmonic was arrived at by the legendary Yevgeny Mravinsky, who for over 50 years "ruled" this great orchestra. Now, it would be the height of folly for someone like me to question a man of his knowledge and experience when it comes to matters of orchestal balance. What the mikes captured is what happens in the Great Hall during a performence. The mikes were placed 15 feet from the stage and 15 feet up. In reality the mikes were 10 feet above the orchestra. Any further back would have put the orchestral image "out of focus" and any further forward would have produced a sound that would be "in your face". Any further up would have, amoung other things, made the highs out of balance. Considering the 90 degree mike angle which had to encompass the whole orchestra, the stage dimention and hall reverbaration time, the mike placement was optimum as per my ears. KAVI.

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