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Hi-Rez Highway: Re: Great - We can have even more Dueling Reviews! by raffells

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Re: Great - We can have even more Dueling Reviews!

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Interesting that th thread gets back to music..This is what sacd should be about?...
I have the Shostakovitch and also the RBCD of Chailly Decca.I dont think the sacd is anywhere near as good a version and the recording is a bit bright and brash at times..Definitly not DSD original...However....Meanwhile on sa-cd net there seems to be dissent in the ranks on reviews of sacds...eg I personally found the Bruckner 5th VPO Harrencourt a huge dissapointment and worse than a redbook cd..also the stop start performance...meanwhile Viktor found the Higdon Telarc musically threadbare and reported it such..Sonically fabulous...This seems to have provoked outrage that anyone who doent like the music should review?...shades of something we remember in out history lessons???> ..strong hints that we are not supposed to review the music?....just the sacd.....meanwhile (part two) I would also suggest you check out some of the Membran items...List is on that website....These may not be state of the art (1991-6)recordings but there are some fantastic items in there..... solo piano works .Schubert Debussy Chopin etc ..C Franck and Gorecki symphonies..C Davies music...also beware a few duffers...and be prepared to go from one piece to the next in record time.....very very short gaps...Dave

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