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Revelation Audio Labs Precept AC Cable

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The topic of after-market power cables seems to elicit a multitude of responses from fellow audiophiles; some positive, some negative, some just plain mean spirited. Over the last three months, I have discovered that after-market AC cables can not only significantly change the sound of a component and enhance a system’s audio performance, but truly unlock the potential of fine components.

There is a store located about 10 minutes from my office called Jeff’s Sound Values. Jeff sells not only new equipment, but a great deal of used gear and accessories that are usually offered on Audiogon. About three months ago, I began trying different used power cables from Jeff. All of the used cables I tried were good in some areas, but lacking in others. I really did not want to put out the kind of money some of my friends have spent for the Shunyata Anaconda ($2000) or Nordost Valhalla ($2500); two AC cables that I really like, although quite different in sonic character.

There are an incredible number of expensive power cables being made today with every conceivable design. Being a 6th grade graduate (went to school with Jethro Bodine), I have some knowledge of scientific methodology, but find the claims of many of these folks to be far fetched. The descriptions of many of the AC cables on the internet suggest that if these manufacturers were recruited for NASA, we would be exploring the universe today with Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Recently, the boys at Jeff’s Sound Values suggested that I try a pair of used Stealth Audio Cloude Nine AC cables. These babies seemed to have no significant shielding, and were composed of 7 silver ribbons in a flexible plastic jacket.


To make a long story short, these cables were far better than the PS audio xStream Statement cables I had been using. They had a wonderful midrange, but did have a problem in that they were not well suited for high current demands. Their magic was lost when used on my power amps and PS Audio P1000 power plant. I was now determined, or perhaps obsessed, to find something like the Cloude Nines for these components.

About a month ago, I read an ad in Audiogon for Revelation Audio Labs’ Precept AC cable ($799). I noticed that Dan Wright of ModWright endorsed this company’s products. A well respected friend also advised me to try Brad Vojtech’s cables.


The Precept Cryo-Silver AC cables appear to be very well made with expensive Furutech rhodium connectors. The cables are also quite flexible making installation easy in tight spaces.

The first thing I observed after break-in (100 hours recommended; the cables are a little hard sounding and constricted when first plugged in) is an amazing degree of quietness or blackness to the background of voices or instruments. These cables are highly detailed without brightness or exaggeration of the high-end. Bass is very tight with great impact and speed. The bottom octave has great power and detail as well. The soundstage is very large and deep with a nice bloom to the midrange, but not excessively so. The Precept has an ease to the sound that is simply addicting.

Comparisons were then made with the Shunyata Anaconda Alpha and the Nordost Valhalla. Two of my friends loaned me their cables for this review.

The Shunyata has a large sound with great bloom to the midrange. It sounds less detailed than the Nordost or Revelation Audio Labs Precept, but is very seductive sounding with its warmth and lack of grain.

The Nordost is detailed and fast sounding like the Precept with a great sense of air and extension in the highs. I prefer the Precept, as it has the detail and speed of the Nordost, but also the bloom of the Shunyata without the extra warmth. The power, detail, and extension of the low end are superior on the Precept than the Shunyata or the Nordost. The degree of quietness is superior on the Precept vs. the other two cables. My Wilson subwoofer seems to blend seamlessly with my Wilson 7 speakers now that Precepts are powering my power amps. The transient response of the bass in my system has never been better.

I feel that the Revelation Audio Labs Precept is simply an outstanding AC cable, and should definitely be considered when auditioning high end AC cables for your system.

Pictures of the Precept cables and the rest of my system are in the Inmate Picture Gallery.

Happy New Year To All My Friends at Audio Asylum!


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