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Re: 45s in Paramour

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I have for some time wanted to try a pair of 45s in a Paramour. Been too busy with other projects so far to do more than the basic design. But it's quite easy:

Replace the 270 ohm power supply resistor with 1600 ohms 10 watts, making sure it is clear of other parts as it will dissipate quite a lot of heat. This will reduce the plate voltage to something more appropriate to the 45.

Replace the 1200 ohm cathode resistor with 1600 ohms 10 watts. This will optimize the plate current for the 45 with 4k ohm load, and reduce plate dissipation to the 10 watt rating of the 45.

I prefer this to a variac because it does not reduce the filament voltage. A side benefit is reduced power supply ripple.

When we update the Paramour manual (a few months?) I hope to be able to include this option, but first we have to prove it works :^) If anyone tries it, I'd be very glad to hear how it comes out. In the worst case, it should be easily to reverse!

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