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Eros Mini Review

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I had the Eros in my system a very short time. Sadly it went home with Paully.

I haven't finished my Seduction Power Supply rebuild and I already want to get the Eros.

The difference in volume in my system was a quarter turn on the volume pot. After all the posts about noise I decided to give this a look. I had to turn the volume up much louder than I would have dared listen before anything could be heard from the Eros. But I only have 94dBW speakers. I know a lot of you have much more sensitive speakers.

And the sound, yes, more highs and lows. Bass tighter, and the soundstage ~ ! ! ! You guys know I'm a soundstage junkie and that is what is going to make me hit the purchase key. (as soon as I get another job)

Instruments had greater "Body" than before. I first noticed this improvement when upgrading with MQ iron. But the Eros makes it so much more dramatic.

Doc and PJ have outdone themselves to bring this level of performance at such an unbelievably low price.

Congratulations to all involved in this project at Bottlehead!

Edit: I should have mentioned detail. Sorry, the detail is exceptional.

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