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Re: Extended Foreplay III questions

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I just finished foreplay III.
I couldn't find the other post of manual corrections you referred to so mine may be repetetive, but here they are:

Bottlehead Foreplay III Manual 1-24-06

The following is a list of typographical errors.

1.Brief Circuit Theory: The preamplifier circuit consists of 2 channelS, each using… (missing the S on channels)
2.Page 11: Step 2: It should look like the picture on page 10. (not page 7.)
3.Page 22: In the Table: LI2 – Red wire connects to 30U(no solder)… (not 20U **critical**)
4.Page 25: Step 3, ( ) Cut and strip back 1/4” on each end of a 1-3/4” piece… (missing 'of')
5.Page 25: Step 5, ….Cut both the red and black wires back 1”. … (missing the 'L' in black and the word 'back')
6.Page 27: Step 2, … attach and solder the black wire to terminal 5L, attach….(not 15L **critical**)
7.Page 31: Step 3, … attach but do not solder the other end to terminal 22U. (not 21U)
8.Page 33: Step 1, …attach and solder the other lead to terminal 17U. (It is OK to solder 17U at this step.)
9.Page 33: Step 2, …attach and solder the other lead to terminal 37U. (It is OK to solder 37U at this step.)
10.Page 33: Last step, …attach and solder other lead to 40U. (not 39U **critical**)

And finally... I built mine folling the manual on my laptop. Because I didn't print out the manual I wasn't able to check off each step I finished. As a result I missed a very small but crucial step. Don't forget the jumper wire from H1 to H4. It's the first step on page 28.
It's nestled between two descriptive paragraphs and I missed it.
I suggest printing the manual if you can.

Hope this helps.


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