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Extended Foreplay Manual Errors/Corrections

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[ Alert Moderator ]'s what I picked up during my build thihs past week that appears to be misprinted in the manual..fortunately the accompanying pics were correct...for those took me about 3-4 nights of work to do the upgrade with about 2-4hrs/night...
Pg 13..first soldering step is to the wrong should be 28L not 27L..28L is the location of the common ground point...27 is used for the input selector.
Pg of page, no length given for the black teflon wires connected to 19U and 39U..both should be 2 inches, I assume.
Pg of page, backwards directions for the red and black
wires (picture is correct) wire should go to 10L and black wire to 5L.
Pg 35...Instructions got cut off at bottom of page...Picture shows correct placement of the black jumper wires.
Pg 39...this one really got me...3rd instruction down..the red wire should go from B1 to pad "O" on the A end of the C4S board, not pad "I"

I think thats it...minor errors/omissions..Now if I can just get mine to work I'll be able to post a review...

Have a great Sunday everyone and thanks Bottlehead for this great and rewarding hobby...

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