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Amp/Preamp Asylum: RE: (strong)REVIEW: Elekit TU-873LE II Amplifier (Tube)(/strong) by geraldm121

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RE: (strong)REVIEW: Elekit TU-873LE II Amplifier (Tube)(/strong)

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I was more than a little interested in your review as I just finished the Elekit TU870 amp their little 2 watt x 2 6BM8 Integrated amplifier kit(with the upgraded filter Cap option). I had long coveted a 6BM8 amp but could not find a pair of "ASL Wave 8's" at a price I was willing to pay. Like you I found both the kit and instructions well organized and easy to follow.
The electronic components quality was excellent as was the chassis the only thing I would upgrade are the input RCA's and the spring clip speaker terminals (to binding posts).
The sound of this little amp is amazing. I use it in my office ( I finished it just in time as my Chinese Mirage Hybrid suddenly died last week) to drive a pair of Energy C50 speakers and a small KLH powered woofer. The sound has that beautiful deep harmonically rich tube midrange with an excellent well detailed high frequency response. Whats even more interesting is that I went from a 20x2 watt hybrid amp to 2x2 watt tube amp and lost little in the way of (perceived) acoustic output.
I also tried the TU870 some of the more efficient speakers I have and with some old DCM's,the "Best Buy" Insignia's and a pair of Pioneer single driver system with the wood fiber cones the bass was quite good (keeping the power output in mind). This is an excellent amp and when break-in is complete I have some Mullard and Tunsgram 6BM8's to try.

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