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UPDATE! Good news!

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Great news!

TacT has given the option to refund the total of $3000 or to replace Gerry’s amp with a brand new 2150xdm, that I will fully test and send to Gerry myself.
Gerry, chosen the New tested 2150XDM offer.

I will personally check the amp over and test its many functions, and condition, Then I will send Gerry his new amp. Upon Gerry approval of his New amp, he will send back the damage/broken amp back to TacT audio. All shipping will be on Tact’s tab.(TacT does know that part yet, but I have TacT's UPS account # to charge the shipping all the associated shipping charges. ;c) ).

Who’s at fault? IMO, a little bit of all parties…………… IMO: Dealer did not follow through with typical Dealer responsibilities, TacT took over Dealer responsibilities for the best interest for its customers as they tried in Gerry’s case, and “bent” it’s own company policies by shipping Internal PCB assemblies to Gerry, Hoping to resolve issues without cost and time Gerry would be without music. Unfortunately the part sent was wrong, then other part did not fix issue, (more time has passed) Gerry had to sent Amp back to TacT, TacT sent amp back to Gerry, (and more time has passed) (TACT PAID FOR SHIPPING BTW, the $80 Gerry mention was a CUSTOM BROKERAGE FEE, not COD FOR SHIPPING) Gerry gets amp back with main problem not resolved and now has a Dent on the corner on the amp. Gerry gets crazy pissed with profanity ridden email (or phone contact) when owner of TacT (BOZ) at dismisses damage to amp was done a TacT. (after this Boz received more emails ridden with profanity, I am not sure if Gerry did try in a amicable way to finally resolve this issues with TacT before concluded he “got screwed for $3k”. I dunno, I don’t care t this point, but I tried to contact Gerry’s Dealer, Jeff Stakes HIFI to see if Jeff would be willing to help Gerry out on this issue, I get NO REPONCE from JEFF. I was hoping for JEFF to AT LEAST to refund Gerry the “profit” on the transaction, But I guess Jeff needs it more, as he is not a TACT DEALER NO MORE. (I wonder why?) As TacT was willing to refund the amount up to the dealer cost …… Basically as you can see, communications really went south on the issue, rather quickly at this point.

So what is done to prevent such problems in the Future?
1)TacT already this year, re-vamped dealer base in effort to have its dealers give proper tech support and service to its customers. (such as those “take a buck and run dealers”)
2)TacT already has stricter requirements for becoming a TacT dealer along with dealer responsibility guidelines to be followed.
3)TacT will not send non-user service parts to its customers.
4)Tact will revise RMA procedures of receiving and shipping units in for repairs.

So, this is the update, and I should be receiving Gerry’s unit in a few days From TacT Audio.

So if anyone has any TacT related problems, and feel they maybe not getting the proper help or issues with service related problems, it just may be a simple communication issue, that can be easily solved.



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