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Stirling V2 on Skylan stands...WOW

I've been breaking in my new Stirling LS3/5a V2's for a couple of weeks now and they keep getting better all the time. More info later, but for now....this is a VERY good LS3/5a. I've owned both the original 15 ohm design and the 11 ohm 'revision'. Memory is a tricky thing, but I'd say the new V2 pretty much improves on both, particularly in bass, maximum spl's and (I think) soundstage.

My 28" Skylan stands showed up today. 4 minutes to assemble them and 10 or so to put a mix of shot and sand in them. This is my third pair of Skylan stands. These stands are functional, attractive, and very reasonably priced. No metal tubes to ring (even when filled), perfect size (Noel builds them to exactly your specs), beautiful finish - they are just damn nice. I am very glad to have an alternative to Sound Anchor and the other 'metal' stands. These offer a lot of value for a very reasonable $150.

And damn, these speakers sound good on these stands. They do that wonderful LS3/5a 'vanishing act', leaving just a window on the performance. Tonally, they are very reminiscent of my all-time fav's...QUAD ESL-57. Quite a neat trick for what is essentially a 30 year old design.

More later when the tube gear gets broken in....


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