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Hiya Guys,

I recently purchased a set of Super Clefs from Bob Gross at Speaker Art. He recommended that I purchase a set of Skylan stands from Noel at Skylan in Canada, because as I live in Europe they ship light (you fill them with sand yourself).

I was absolutely blown by the speakers, they sound superb and have the most seamless crossover I have ever heard - extraordinary value. Midrange to die for, unbelievable bass for a standmount (they go lower than my neighbours subwoofer! My friends jaws dropped when they listened. They had been recommended to me by the guy who designed my amp and boy was he right! If you get to listen to a set of these, take your chequebook along!!!

Anyway I also purchased the stands. I have tried the Partington Dreadnoughts that are much touted in the UK press and I have also tried the Sound Anchors that have a good reputation in the US, but neither of these come anywhere near the Skylan's. They offer resonant contol second to none. I assume that this is because they are not made of steel but of some sort of acrylic polymer. Once assembled (about 1/2 hour, Skylan provide clear instructions and even the spanner to tighten the bolts and the funnel for the sand) they are solid and sturdy and my wife definitely prefers the looks to other more 'industrial' designs. I have yet to hear a better set of stands and encourage anybody to try them out. If there is anything better out there - I want to hear it! These were custom made for my Super Clefs so it looks as if Skylan will tailor them to your speakers. If you are considering a stand design look no further.

Sometimes it is these small "hidden" manufacturers that really make something special with their particular attention to detail. If you don't like my recommendations I will eat my hat!

If you already own any of these you will know what I am talking about, share your thoughts with me and let everybody else in on the action.

Regards to all


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