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Music vs. Cacophony of the Ritalin Generation

Quoting Todd Krieger:
> Many people share your sentiment, but are afraid to say it. The

So, obviously, between the people who are afraid to say it; the people
who are tone-deaf and have poor taste (let's say they're to music what
Herb Tarlek (sp?) on "WKRP in Cincinnati" was to clothing and good
taste in general) and so don't know the difference; and the members of
the Ritalin Generation (tm) whose brains are being short-circuited due
to governmentally approved/mandated substance abuse to make them
subservient, obedient, non-creative and non-questioning, we're getting
screwed musically.Why are others so afraid to say that? Has
"political correctness" gone that far?

> problem is people choose their music based on personal social ties

Which is, of course, also not unlike much music that people have
chosen in earlier periods; therefore, people curiously basing their
choice of music on social ties explains not only modern day cacophony
such as rap music, most 1990's and later "rock," etc., but also:

* Italian opera
* Elvis
* Various male rock singers, past and present, who sing, and have
sung, like critical parts of their reproductive anatomy have
been removed
* Females who wail like demented banshees in a way that's most
painful to the ears, or at least pretend to wail on stage while
lip-syncing, and have the audacity to call themselves performers

> rather than the music itself, and then take criticism of that
> music personally. Add the media bombardment of the notion that
> social relevance is "better" than artistic refinement, and people
> end up being conditioned to judge music in such manner.

Well said!

> This is also a condition beyond our control. The best we can do is try
> to find those obscure gems that counter social trends.

Of course, if enough people got together and started tarring and
feathering politicians, then demanded that money spent on "education"
actually be used to educate students, rather than just warping their
brains and indoctrinating them into being good little politically
correct 'droids who will not question authority and who will act in
whatever way is best for large multi-national corporate interests, we
could see some big changes in music.


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